Diddy Diddy whatever performed on Idol last night. As you know, JLo is now a judge on Idol. So…

It’s time for Gossip Nostalgia.

10 years ago they split. But do you remember? The dress? At the Grammys? How about the white jeans, the crop top, and the headband? OMG.

I look at these pictures and it’s almost new for me again. Like, I can’t believe they were together. Or can I? I don’t even know anymore. Is that weird? Is it weird for her to watch him on stage? Does she, like, picture how they used to be? Come on. Don’t we all? You see an ex and get a flash of a leg or, you know, another body part, some memories come flooding back. Bad memories too. There was that night. The shooting. And the beginning of the end.

Less than a year later, she married Cris Judd. Nine months after that, Ben Affleck was touching her ass on a yacht. I mean…her sh-t really the best sh-t ever.

File photos from Wenn.com and Scott Gries/Dave Hogan/Vince Bucci/Frank Micelotta/LUCY NICHOLSON/Kevin Winter/George De Sota/Gettyimages.com