On Sunday, Hot Harry was at the Guards Polo Club at Windsor Great Park to present the Queen’s Cup. I just like the shot of him not really tweaking his nipple but looking like it. Am actually surprised Michael K from Dlisted hasn’t already jizzed all over this photo. His crush on Hot Harry, or Prince Hot Ginge as he likes to call him, is one of my favourite things in life. Then again, who isn’t crushing on Hot Harry?

Emma Watson? Some of you are suggesting this as a possible match. Me, I think it’s too... twee.

How about...

Blake Lively?

Where do you go from Leonardo DiCaprio? She’s hitting the top slice these days. For sure. On stature, I mean, there’s not much of an upgrade. I mean, I guess Justin Timberlake...

He’s an equal-grade, you could say. But the pool at that level, it’s not much.

Unless you consider a Prince. The most available Prince in the world.

Stop yelling at me.

If Gossip is your... Church... for lack of a better word... you need to put aside your personal likes and dislikes and work for the common Good. Of Gossip. Blake and Harry would be GREAT for Gossip. Like monumentally Great for Gossip.

Think of this...

Think of it as something Gwyneth Paltrow could never do. Two words:

Princess Grace.


Sure. But that doesn’t stop people from trying.

Blake Lively trying to be the new Grace Kelly. Her name even sounds like it. The musical way it comes off your tongue, the same syllables, the blonde, and the Prince with a Chelsy problem he may never be able to quit. I am telling you. Put this on your Gossip Wish List for the Gossip Genie. There is a much better chance of this happening than Britney and Justin getting back together.

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