Dear Gossips,

These could be the last days of gossip as we know it. Wenner Media has sold US Weekly to American Media Inc. AMI also publishes magazines The National Enquirer, Star, and OK!, and is online with Radar. Those are publications that hang out at the bottom of the hierarchy of celebrity reporting, while US Weekly and PEOPLE are stationed at the top. AMI is reportedly laying off much of the staff at US Weekly… and when you get rid of the staff, you get rid of their sources.

As we’ve seen through the years, given how many stories they’ve broken, the people who work at US Weekly have solid sources. Their royal reporting alone since Prince Harry and Meghan Markle started dating has been well ahead of PEOPLE and the British papers. In Hollywood, you also have to consider the relationships that the magazine has cultivated within celebrity circles. The Enquirer and Star and OK! and IN TOUCH and Life & Style do not have the kind of relationships that US and PEOPLE and E! News and Access Hollywood have built up over the years. Under new management, specifically this kind of new management, many are skeptical that US Weekly will be able to maintain the same standard. Many attribute that standard to Janice Min who left US Weekly in 2010 to revive The Hollywood Reporter, which was then “dying a slow death”. Under Janice Min’s leadership, THR has thrived. With the news this week that the old spirit of US Weekly will likely be no more, Janice contributed a list-piece to Buzzfeed yesterday inspired by a  regular US Weekly feature “25 Things You Didn’t Know about…US Weekly”. Note the little detail about Taylor Swift in there. And also the shade she throws at Rolling Stone, US Weekly’s “brother” publication. While US Weekly was the moneymaker for Wenner Media, it was Rolling Stone that was always regarded as the favourite child.

So, as we brace for what could be a major transformation in the gossip landscape, how about a little Gossip Nostalgia to start the weekend. Here’s an US Weekly cover story from October 2010.

Inside the magazine reported specific details about Justin Timberlake’s hookup with Olivia Munn – the dates, the location, even the quality of the sex. JT denied it ever happened. Olivia, ahem, declined to comment. Six months later, Justin and Jessica Biel broke up. Their break lasted three months and by the fall of 2011, they were fully reunited and married a year later. This moment in Gossip Nostalgia was brought to you by #NeverForget.

Have a great weekend!

Yours in gossip,