The Grammy Awards 2010

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This is a homer sentiment because I am from the 416, and Drake has not been shy about spreading the Toronto love, and all of us from Toronto were fist pumping for our boy who ran the stage last night at the Grammys, delivering the final performance with Lil Wayne and Eminem, introduced by the bad basterd himself Quentin Tarantino. Drizzy will get his own post later. But it felt like the best way to begin. Even though at the beginning there was Gaga. And Elton John. Piano to piano, living up to the promise of the memorable Grammy musical mashup. THIS. Yes. That deserves its own post too.

But we were kinda bored in the middle. And very disappointed with Taylor Swift. You know I love her. I want to keep loving her. But on a night when she took home album of the year over Lady Gaga and B and the others, you would have expected her to bring it better live. Oh no. She really didn’t.

Still... Beyonce took home 6. And set a record for most female wins in one night. Beysus had no reason to be sulky.

As for that 3D performance and the tribute to MJ, to me it was a disservice. Because automatically, for the 90% + watching without 3D glasses, the result is a lack of engagement. How is this honouring his legacy?

Here’s the best part of that performance. And it had nothing to do with Michael Jackson.

Beyonce 3D

It’s almost worth it for this happy place, non?

I am struggling with whether or not to write about his children. On the one hand, they presented themselves in the most public of places, they were put in the spotlight, they were encouraged to be there. And they were lovely and endearing and awkward and fumbly and totally unrehearsed which kinda says to me that somehow they’re being raised normally and not Cyrus-ly, as normal as possible in their case, so should we be talking about them at all? It feels right to leave it at that. And to add that Paris’s suit was my favourite of the night.

As for everyone else’s...

Here’s the thing about the Grammys and the VMAs: you don’t judge it like you would the Globes or the Oscars or the “movie star” events. It’s a totally different game. I don’t want to see Rihanna in an exquisite Nina Ricci gown. When Lady Gaga shows up as a Nuit Blanche art installation, you know it’s an entirely different code, right?

Look forward to your comments, hearing your hate, I love the debate, so keep sending it, and I’ll keep reading it.

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