Dear Gossips,

Ratings for the Grammys this year improved over last year and the year before. Social media ratings, increasingly important to measure reach, also went up over last year and the year before. These were the Grammys where Beyoncé had the most nominations. Who, then, do you think generated the most social media activity?

Beyoncé, of course.

So they complained about her album and whether or not she was “gaming the system”. But they needed her to come to their show to perform. And then when they get her to the show, they’re like, yeah, thanks, now stay in your seat for the next two hours and watch us tell you that even though your album was one of the most groundbreaking, critically acclaimed creative achievements of the year, it’s just not the kind of thing we appreciate artistically. But yay us for pulling in the viewership and satisfying the sponsors and dominating Twitter for the night!

Right. So… tell me again why it was “self-indulgent” and “over the top” of her to stomp that stage and brand it with her personal seal of insurgence? There’s a difference between megalomania and self-determination. Nobody uses a megalomaniac. The megalomaniac is the one who uses and exploits. The fact that Beyoncé exploited them in return by breaking down the narrow space they tried to fit her in makes her a rebel, not a tyrant. And if she hadn’t shown up on Sunday to trash their castle, they wouldn’t have woken up with egg in their faces the next morning.

Yours in gossip,