Granny Freeze in Vogue

Lainey Posted by Lainey at June 17, 2008 13:13:48 June 17, 2008 13:13:48

Gran on the cover and the in the pages of Vogue, shot before she started showing, not that she’s showing much now. You’ll recall, she announced her pregnancy 30 seconds after Keith Urban fertilised her botoxed eggs. A brave move for someone who’s suffered so many miscarriages. But as they say in the article, Nicole Kidman is fearless.

So here she is, looking not human at all, the airbrushes at Vogue and the dexterity of her surgeon joining forces for the most plastic photo spread, like, ever.

Hundred bucks to the first reader who can spot a wrinkle. On HER. Not on Hugh Jackman.

I win. See?

My favourite part of the article? When she’s asked about all the rumours that there’s a prosthetic:

Casually dressed in a tight black pullover and jeans—punctuated by the trademark red soles of her black Louboutin heels—Kidman remains strikingly thin for a woman seven months pregnant. So thin, in fact, that I"ve heard people say they don"t believe she"s actually with child. When I mention this, she gives the laugh of one who"s learned not to be fazed by all the silly things people think.

"Just look at how I"m sitting here with my legs apart"—her knees splay out at a 45-degree angle. "This is the way you have to sit when you"re pregnant."

And aren’t you an Oscar winning actor?

Just asking…

Click here for more photos and to read the full article. Let me know if you spot that wrinkle.

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