posted the best story today on their site. Something about a party to celebrate Keith Urban’s latest #1 hit You Look Good in My Shirt. Of course Keith arrived at the event in Nashville with his Granny – described by the magazine to be “clutching” her hand. Because they’re so in love like that.

Once inside, Keith was ordered to tell the crowd how much he loves his wife. And to make sure that we all know she’s a sexual, desirable woman with reproductive capabilities:

"It's been eight years since I was first here accepting an award for my first No. 1 song. I'm so happy to be here again, and to be here with Nicole. This is our award. You do look good in my shirt. And out of it! But that's a different story."

Apparently Gran blushed and smiled and then “took her husband's face between her hands and sweetly kissed him on the lips.”

Their relationship is on full display for sale right now as Nicole ramps up heavy promotion for Australia. Here she is in a rather awkward pose on the cover of Glamour, more blonde than ever, with a face like an 18 year old.

In the article, Gran breathlessly gives thanks for the new fulfillment in her life, and claims that her priorities have shifted now that Sunday Rose is around. Nicole says she’s scaling back on work and tells the magazine she doesn’t have a daytime nanny.


So who’s the baby spending so much time on set? With the nanny? In the trailer? Day and night? Just asking…

“I have reached a stage in my life when I want to be with the ones I love. I used to be willing to do two weeks (apart). And that is too much now; my heart aches. I've given a lot to my work, and I'm not willing to give as much to that anymore. At this time in my life, I want to be giving to my relationships. And out of that, whatever work you do prospers because you have more to give. There's something very primal about giving birth. It puts you in a state of being very raw."

Fortunately for Gran, the actual labour process wasn’t raw at all. In fact, Gran says it was a breeze:

"Keith was my rock during childbirth. I'd heard horror stories of 40 hours of labor, and I was sure that would be me, but I had a very easy labor. And through it all, Keith's eyes gave me such strength."


Of course it was easy.

How hard can it be to pick up the phone?

Your baby’s ready. Come and get her. Cash only.

Source Us Weekly