Dear Sasha, I've noticed all the capes around at the moment and I NEED this cape in my life - unfortunately in no universe do I have $1000 to spend on anything - let alone a damn cape!  I really want something similar for next winter but is that possible for around the $200 mark?
Thanks in advance, A.

Oh wow, that cape is real good.  But let’s not dwell on it any longer; instead let’s find you a cape that just as covetable.

I can’t get enough camel in my wardrobe so of course I was drawn to this look by J Crew.  Digging the cropped cut and the black piping.  But if you want something a bit longer and a bit of a darker camel shade, check out this great one by Ralph Lauren.

If you’re not afraid of some pattern then please take a peek here.  I love a good tribal print and I hope you do too.

Zara is really good this season, granted it’s a major runway rip off of Celine, but I’m not complaining.  Anyway, they have two great capes in store right now – click here and here.

There you have it!  Keep your advice and style questions coming!