Katherine Heigl is an ungrateful bitch. And Shonda Rhimes is going to punish her. Do you love it, or do you LOVE it?

Following her asstalking remarks a few weeks ago about withdrawing her Emmy nomination because in her estimation the Grey’s Anatomy writers didn’t deserve one, Katie has become Public Enemy #1 at GA. But the producers do not want to give in to what she’s really after: to be released from her contract to pursue a full time career in movies.

So Shonda is considering this happy resolution: that Izzie will suffer from a brain tumour. The best part is – it’s not a guaranteed death. They will string her along…after all, Derek specialises in brains right? Will Dr Shepherd save Izzie Stevens? Or will Izzie die a slow, agonising death?

Either way, they’re f&cking with her. As Dina Lohan would say… Justice!

PS. Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s on his way back too. Something about visions. Meh. Whatever. Denny was boring. Dylan the bomb specialist played by Kyle Chandler… bring him back anytime.

This is Katherine having lunch with her mother last week. She hangs out with her mother, like, all the time. Even after the Oscars. Makes you wonder – what kind of a girl has no girl friends?

Photo from Flynetonline.com