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Lainey Posted by Lainey at December 11, 2014 21:38:18 December 11, 2014 21:38:18

The New York Times released a series of videos yesterday all themed around kissing starring actors who delivered some of the finest performances of the year. There are 9 of them. And my favourite…

Gugu Mbatha-Raw and Miles Teller. Because I love her. Because look at her face, don’t you want to kiss her? It’s because of Belle. Have you seen Belle? Gugu just won Best Actress at the British Independent Film Awards for Belle. God I loved Belle. A black female lead in an English period drama? And no longer having to imagine that? I was talking to my friend and producer Kathleen about this recently. She and I are the only two people we know who’ve watched the film. Kathleen is black. And she said to me how wonderful it was, the experience of watching a period piece and being able to PROJECT herself into it. Belle is her Pride & Prejudice. And, for me, a Chinese woman, it’s mine too. Because now it’s given me an option to imagine something OTHER than what’s been offered to us as the standard.

As for the other kisses…

They’re cute. Rosario Dawson and Jenny Slate are adorable. I like the energy in the Chadwick Boseman Kristen Stewart one. Timothy Spall cracked me up. Steve Carell’s facial expressions are the best. Julianne Moore can do no wrong…

But I couldn’t get through Shailene Woodley. Sorry. I almost can’t with Shailene Woodley as much as I Can’t Ariana Grande.

And, to me, Benedict Cumberbatch kissing Reese Witherspoon is pure vile. She’s fine. But him? You remember how he talked like he had all this erotic game? Like he was some kind of romantic baller? Click here for a refresher. He doesn’t kiss good. And if he can’t kiss good, you’re not going to convince me he can finger-bang good.

Karwai Tang/ Tristan Fewings/ Getty Images

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