Oh yeah. Ah oui!

Guillaume Canet making it easy to fall in love with him on the cover of French GQ. They’re projecting he can conquer America too, like his girlfriend Marion Cotillard, the most perfect couple ever.

Guillaume just wrapped Last Night, shot in New York, with Keira Knightley and Eva Mendes and his next release in France is called Espion(s) scheduled for January. Something about stumbling onto spy secrets in a suitcase resulting in a diplomatic drama and falling for a girl he tries to blackmail along the way. I like how he holds her head in the poster. Bet he kisses even better. Le sigh. I would totally watch him kissing Marion. For hours. Perv.

Photos of Guillaume kissing Keira on set are attached. And also Guillaume and Marion in New York when she was visiting him during filming.

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Photos from Bauergriffinonline.com