Looks like French gossips are about as reliable as the ones in UK. There are apparently certain French outlets that hate Marion Cotillard and Guillaume and I remember, at the AMFAR event in Cannes this year, we were stationed beside a French news agency, and after Dylan and I salivated over Marion Cotillard passing by, who declined, like most stars that night, to stop for interviews, the French reporters told us that they couldn’t stand her, that she was a stuck up bitch, and when I pressed them on why, they just said she’s “been accepted by America”.

Seems like they’re almost hoping for her to eat sh-t. And break up with Guillaume Canet. Which is why they so enthusiastically latched onto a split report (source) that turned out to be bullsh-t.

But it’s ok. We’re good. Because they’re good. Good enough for him to show up at the Paris premiere of Inception on the weekend. To support his girlfriend, yes, but also to support his boy Leonardo DiCaprio from The Beach days.

How do you feel about her shoes?

There weren’t too many photos of Guillaume on the carpet that night and the ones they do have kind of suck so I’m attaching some shots from Cannes. Because oh...la.

Photos from Wenn.com and Pascal Le Segretain/MIGUEL MEDINA/FRANCOIS GUILLOT/LOIC VENANCE/Gettyimages.com