Should totally become a couple, based on their names and nothing else.

It could happen.

Last night they had dinner at the Notting Hill Brassiere, careful to leave separately but both observed to be rather smirky upon departure.

You know Elle Macpherson…Elle is a total maneater. If she had it her way she was probably sitting on his lap feeding him 10 minutes into their meal. It’s well known about Elle that way: she comes on strong, sees what she wants, aggressively goes and gets it…sometimes without gathering all the details first. Wives don’t like this.

The good news for her this time is that Guy isn’t married anymore. And Elle is much less rigid in so many respects than what he’s been accustomed to the last several years.

It’s a good hook up. Chemistry must have been bouncing off the walls. Wonder where they ended up – his place or hers?

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