Guy Ritchie showed up at the premiere of The Dark Knight Rises last night in London with his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley. She is expecting again. Jacqui gave birth to their son Rafael last year. I liked this affectionate quote she gave about their family:

“This is the first time I’ve been a biological mother but we’ve got the two big boys and they absolutely dote on Raf. They’re always dancing with him and wanting to play with him.” (Source)

Anyway, the night before, on Tuesday, Guy was sighted at Hyde Park at the Madonna show. It would appear then that they’re on good terms...? It is not clear if Jacqui went with him. So... do you think he told her before? Or did she have to learn the way the rest of us did? With Jacqui on a red carpet fondling her bump.

Look, I want her to be the bigger person too and not care. But I also don’t think a woman who’s done what she’s done to her face can claim to not care. Especially about youth. And the sight of her successor, only 30 years old, still so fertile, in bloom yet again, while she must be approaching menopause by now...

Should she care?

Of course not.

But DOES she?

There are oxygen tanks delivered to her room every day. She guzzles coconut water elixir. She wears gloves so we can’t see her hands.

I’m not convinced she doesn’t care.