Guy Ritchie stepped out last night in London with Jacqui Ainsley and son Rocco who turns 15 years old later this summer and is clearly looking more and more like Ridgemont High’s Jeff Spicolo, famously played, of course, by his mother’s ex-husband Sean Penn. It started last year when Madonna posted this shot on Instagram. And, well, Rocco obviously hasn’t tired of the inspiration. I’m intrigued by the way he’s wearing his pants. Is this going to become a thing?

Now a hard turn to Guy Ritchie’s Instagram, our only source for Charlie Hunnam photos these days. Once a week. It’s like he knows we’re timing him. Here’s the latest offering.



That's a good wall, 2000 years old, Londinium

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At the risk of sounding too demanding, Guy, can we see him in some new clothes? Or, you know, no clothes?