Guy Ritchie is on the guest list for the Royal Wedding. Without a plus one. Which means he can’t bring his girlfriend Jacqui Ainsley who is pregnant. I guess the Royal People don’t want you unless you’re, like, official. Being the knocked up GF doesn’t count. Or maybe they only extended him one spot because they didn’t want to take the chance that he’d bring his ex-wife Madonna.

Can you imagine?

Attached – Guy with Jacqui after spending 6 hours at the Kabbalah Centre in London on Monday. Apparently, since Guy’s two sons, Rocco and David Banda, are being raised in Kabbalah – pending a possible breakup in favour of Opus Dei - UK gossips are speculating that Jacqui is being asked to consider bringing up the new baby by the same faith. Here we go. Let the judging begin!

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