Guy Ritchie is promoting Sherlock. There’s a short but rather insightful interview in Details and they actually get him to talk about Madonna which I suspect, if given the opportunity, he might do more if people actually gave him a platform. He certainly didn’t seem shy about sharing his feelings with the magazine.

Before we get into those comments however, the other parts of the article are worth reading too, if only to balance out all the bullsh-t reporting that came out of their marriage about his aversion to her philosophical ramblings and the Kabbalah studies etc, like he was some kind earthy dude who drank his ale and wasn’t into candle burning and living inside his head too much.


That’s not the way he sounds. Here’s a man who can turn fishing into discussion on wasted youth.

As for his ex-wife, the first answer was good. It was classy, it was respectful. But then, then they asked him what he learned...

DETAILS: You married Madonna when you were still a fledgling director and she was the most famous woman in the world. What was that adjustment like?
Guy Ritchie: I don't know. By the way, I enjoyed my first marriage. It's definitely not something I regret. The experience was ultimately very positive. I love the kids that came out of it, and I could see no other route to take. But you move on, don't you? You're right, I stepped into a soap opera, and I lived in it for quite a long period of my life. I'll probably be more eloquent on it 10 years from now.
DETAILS: What did you learn from that marriage?
Guy Ritchie: When you end up with a lot of the things you set out to chase and find that you've stumbled into all sorts of hollow victories, then you become deeply philosophical. I'm quite happy that that experience was accelerated for me. I'm glad I made money, in other words. And I'm glad I got married.

“I’m glad I made money”???


Sometimes interviews get excerpted and words are taken out of context, I get that. But... I don’t see how you could possible take this out of context. He is straight up saying here that he’s happy she had to pay him the cash money when they divorced. Which...gross and totally dicky, but also, like, were you that f-cking miserable you needed financial consolation to make up for the suffering?

It’s too easy to sh-t on Madonna as a self-absorbed ball-breaker who must have been torture to live with. No doubt. Obviously. And that’s the point: OBVIOUSLY. People always talk about women who go into relationships hoping to change the man. What happens when a man goes into a relationship hoping to change the woman? And the woman is Madonna? How would that man react? How would he deal with the push-back? How would that affect his own approach to his own manliness? In the end Guy Ritchie walked away with a cheque. And if that’s what he’s celebrating, how does that make him any different than Kevin Federline?

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