He went out to a gallery last night with RDJ and Jude Law – male bonding as a release after a long day’s work on set.

As I mentioned yesterday, here in London, it’s pro-Guy all the way. The classic obnoxious American superstar and the unassuming, low key, middle class British boy who is fighting back against her…

What’s interesting though is that it’s pretty common knowledge Guy’s background. They used to giggle about his “mockney” accent. For those who aren’t familiar with it, Guy is actually very posh. His mother is a lady …or something. He’s very well educated, he’s very well connected. But he puts on this cockney accent to give people the impression that he’s a regular dude when he really was already quite wealthy from the very beginning.

As the divorce plays out then in the tabloids, what you’re seeing is Guy pulling on those family strings, exerting a might against Madonna that has been surprisingly effective. Because while she has more money, in the UK, he has more influence.

Keep this in mind then when as you follow the nasty blow by blow of their separation.

BOTH are playing dirty.

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