The dress is debatable. I KNOW you hate it. But me I’m ok with it. Not to say I would wear it, of course not. But it’s Madonna. And she’s already larger than life. So why would you expect someone larger than life to wear an entirely ordinary outfit?

Before you start shouting, please note the distinction. I didn’t say it’s a nice dress. It’s not a nice dress. It’s not a best dress. It’s a Madonna dress. There’s a difference, non?

Is it just me or did she soften her blonde? It’s a strawberry now, I think. Better. Makes her look a little younger, actually. Less hard. Less androgynous. More feminine. And her cheekbones have dialed it down a bit too.

Something’s up with the Madge.

She must be getting laid.

ARod was in LA last week, she was in LA. He flew to Miami for a party. She flies to New York for the Gucci UNICEF event. And he was seen in New York yesterday too.

It’s happening. Don’t understand it but it’s happening. She’s happy with a loser.

And according to the UK press, Guy Ritchie, whose side they’ve favoured from the moment this divorce went public, is now agreeing not to go for her bank account in exchange for shared custody of Rocco and David Banda. Needless to say, as a result of this, they’re positioning him as the magnanimous one.

It’s easy to be pro-man. Especially when the woman on the other side of it is Madonna.