Yesterday it was Madonna getting mommy gushy with Lola on the set of W.E., now photos of her ex-husband Guy Ritchie picking up his boys Rocco and David Banda for his turn yesterday before taking them out for dinner at Wagamama. See Lorella? Wagamama! We had one right around the corner from our hotel. She seemed apathetic when I told her we should eat there.

Look how tactile Guy is with his children, especially the younger David. Very cute. And very much in contrary, yet again, to those tabloids and their horrible stories, some which persist even now, about how Guy wanted nothing to do with David, that that adoption was forced on him and he wasn’t going for custody of him, only for Rocco, and that he begrudgingly looks after him as part of the divorce agreement. Sick, right?

It’s kind of the same thing with Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. All that separation speculation and every time they keep insisting that Brad only wants the Holy Twins and the Chosen One and would prefer to leave the non-whites with the tattooed freak skank where they belong! So offside.

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