First… No Doubt. Rest of the band joined Gwen Stefani on stage 2 nights in a row for a surprise reunion signalling their intention to record a brand new album and tour together once again.

Love, love, love.

It’s a comeback met with overwhelming positive response and even a little bit of grudging admiration. How often does one go solo with success but still return to her roots? Certainly not Little Pip. N Sync is dead forever, wouldn’t you say?

On the other hand there’s Britney, stupidest f*cking cow, as intellectually challenged as they come. Apparently there’s another “live” appearance in the works, joining Cyndi Lauper’s True Colours tour in LA on June 30th. Word is she will perform a new single and has been auditioning dancers. Kinda surprising, don’t you think? That Cyndi is letting her up there for a lipsych alongside so many other acts that don’t have to rely on anything but their own voices?


Also weak – finally a clear shot of Jayden James who is very very cute but whose image alongside his mother was supposedly not the lucrative dangle she was hoping for. Rumour has it she couldn’t reach a deal, was asking for too much, and in the end, everyone told her to jump up her own ass. Which is why she eventually gave it up for free.

Still weaker? How about her website? Yet another message added to her lame ass post from a few weeks back asking fans to help choose her album title. This time at the bottom reading: Mother to Grandmother, and my my, you’re grand… clearly words for Lynne Spears with whom she’s been feuding since her divorce. X17 is saying Britney met with a lawyer last week seeking a restraining order against her own mother, blocking access to SPF and JJ. Doesn’t get any low classier than that.

And finally, Britney changed her cheap ass weave. She’s now brown. And in true celebrity fashion, following in the footsteps of every other famous son since 2000, Sean P is growin’ out his hair. Me likey.