There are rumours that Blake Shelton invited Gwen Stefani and her boys to spend Thanksgiving at his home in Oklahoma. That turned out to be bullsh-t. Blake was seen getting out of LA on a private jet a couple of days ago and here’s Gwen with her kids at her parents’ yesterday. You’ll note though that when she arrived at the house, she was on her phone. And she turned the screen towards the paps, apparently to show them that she was Facetiming Blake?


Enough now.

As I mentioned last week (click here for a refresher), it’s become overkill. It’s become so Try. Like high school kids with their boyfriends and girlfriends. Back in my day, they made sure to meet each other in the hall before class so that everyone could see they were together. These days this happens on social media. A heart emoji on Twitter. Or a picture of their hands clasped on Instagram in between second and third period. I’m not tired of it yet but if it continues, I will be. Irritation is just foreplay for hate. And, please, I do not want to hate Gwen Stefani + Blake Shelton.