After all the Shiloh hysteria of the past week, let"s give Gwen and her new boy a fair share, shall we? Here are photos of mom, dad, and baby from OK Magazine. Lovely? Absolutely. Too much makeup? Absolutely. Look, I adore Gwen Stefani. Can"t get enough of her style, can"t get enough of her music, I am totally all over it. But to be honest, the excess of these shots kinda creeps me out. And come on…we"re not looking at pictures from her next album cover or a video shoot either. These are supposed to be nice family portraits snapped just days, DAYS, after giving birth so would taking it down a notch with the foundation be too much to ask??? You know why this is frustrating? Have you seen the video for Underneath it All? There"s a part where she"s jumping around on this bed, it"s shot in muted colours, you don"t see the red lips, the makeup looks totally natural, and I"m telling you - she looks GORGEOUS...really, really beautiful. So while I totally get the image maintenance thing and all, on certain occasions it would be kind of cool to see her without "The Face", you know? Especially when she clearly looks better with it off than she does with it on. Oh - and can we just talk about the c-section thing? So in the OK article, it"s revealed that Gwen gave birth via c-section because little Kingston was in the breach position. Riiiiiight. The breach position. Wow. Why is it that so many celebrity babies find themselves in the breach position resulting in a c-section? Did Gwen"s baby really find himself in the all too familiar breach position? Or did her vajayjay insist on being spared??? You tell me. Photo Source