Bet your boob job and a side of lipo Leslie Sloane Zelnick is behind this and why not? How better to repair an image than with a tight ass and rapidly toned quads? Look closely gossips… every inch of Britney is getting super tight – have to admit it’s a little inspiration for my post-ciggie chubb.

And now, after countless visits to the dance studio and a virtual disappearance from the club scene, Britney is working on the mama vote, hauling the kids back out for a convenient photo op not unlike Gwen Stefani and Jennifer Garner who routinely bring their babies to work.

As you can see, while Sean Preston is being paraded around openly, Jayden James has yet to be clearly photographed – likely being saved for the money shot with Mum, as I reported last week, for a photo shoot that was being negotiated with a few major publications bidding for the privilege and the first interview.

Will keep you posted.