#2 on my husband’s Freebie Five after Gwen Stefani…

Standing out among the riffraff, the Hollywood Slut Brigade, the vacuous tartlets who think they can act, small but still tall among her filthy celebrity peers is Natalie Portman.

Last night at the premiere of Paris, Je t’aime… she is, as you can see, indescribably beautiful. So beautiful she can make turned out feet tolerable which, as you know, is no mean feat.

Even more impressive though is her attitude. Her interest beyond partying and shopping and living to be photographed. Some people claim it, others actually live it. And Natalie Portman lives it. Natalie Portman is educated, she chose school, she is informed and involved and gives back… and she agreed to go on a talk show to talk about something other than herself.

Shocking, non?

Natalie on The View the other day, promoting an organisation that provides loans to women living in poverty – helping them help themselves, the key word being loan. 95% of the women end up repaying their loans, so that the money recycles in perpetuity, with more and more women benefiting from the program.

An amazing concept, an inspiring initiative, and the way she talks about it – article and passionate – is infectious. Click here for the clip – nice to know they’re not ALL worthless, don’t you think?