She has that quality, you know? She can wear anything, no matter how weird, how off the page, Gwen makes it hers, Gwen makes it work, and for the most part, Gwen pushes that privilege as far as she can, preferring to play unique over safe each and every time. Love her for it. But there are those rare occasions, those appearances few and far between, when Gwen will eschew the offbeat for the norm, and make even MORE of an impact in the process…which is what happened at the NRJ Awards this weekend. Gwen in strapless black, simple enough, with no red lipstick and no mismatch – total undeniable gorgessity showing off a softer side, the same side she showed in the video for Underneath It All: the pretty side of Gwen Stefani, not usually an adjective you’d use to describe her but here, it’s the refreshingly the only appropriate one. Source