LOVE it. LOVE her without red lipstick. Gorgeous Gwen Stefani in the pages of Bazaar without the severe crimson, with softer muted shades – “pretty” isn’t a word usually associated with Gwen. But Gwen really is so pretty. Pretty in a good way. Pretty in a way that’s not generic. Pretty f&cking beautiful. And pretty f*cking astute.

She has a baby clothing line coming out. She’s happy happy for the pappies with her little “blob” Kingston. Kingston is dressed in her clothes. Kingston is the cutest cutest thing. Free marketing, free promotion, selling out so subtly and no one really notices. Or hates on her. Or criticizes her.

Me likey. Me likey a LOT.

PS. Just because you’ve been asking – Me Likey comes from Will Ferrell in Blades of Glory. The way he says it, with typical Will silliness…kills me every time.