Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton went to Disneyland yesterday with her kids and her parents. These are probably the first really good shots that we’ve seen of the two of them – him in particular – with the children. And we are approaching the one year anniversary of when they decided to go public with their relationship. According to my Photo Assumption, Blake seems pretty comfortable with all three of Gwen’s boys, especially Apollo who he’s holding in some of these shots. If you’re Photo Assuming differently, let me know what you’re seeing.

In addition to Disneyland, Gwen also took Blake to The Beacon Street house, where No Doubt worked on a lot of their early material. And from there they stopped by her childhood home. All of this documented on Snapchat:

So…are you getting a wedding vibe? Maybe it’s just me. Because I’m from Toronto and Jacek is from Vancouver and the week we got married, my parents flew out to Vancouver and it was kinda like this – family tours around the city, everyone happy and together, before the weekend celebration. It’s pure speculation. But there have been rumours about a wedding for a while now. And a wedding planner was hired some time ago. And it’s not like they wouldn’t have known that this very public family outing wouldn’t be made very public, kind of like a subtle message that they’re one step closer? Almost there?