Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton were papped the other night in LA kissing while waiting for their car at valet after dinner. I wrote about it the other day – click here for a refresher. Couldn’t afford those photos but I can afford these ones…

Gwen and Blake driving around on Thursday, he’s in the passenger seat, they’re laughing, they’re enjoying each other, and at one point he reaches over and affectionately puts his hand at the back of her head. The shots are cute. Like when I first saw them I was like, look at their big smiles, look at how much fun they’re having.

And then, well, it’s not like these are low-resolution. In fact, to me it seems like these were taken from the car right beside them. As though the pap pulled up on her side and started clicking.

So… do you remain stone-faced and sit there until the light turns green, or dive into the backseat and put a garbage bag over your head like Leonardo DiCaprio would do, or do you roll with it and kinda laugh off the awkwardness together?