Gossip Genie delivered. And in the most gossipy way possible.

Yesterday afternoon, it was reported that Gwen Stefani flew with Blake Shelton on a private plane to Nashville for the Country Music Association Awards and would join him at the after-parties. Two hours before the show started, both their reps publicly confirmed that they’re dating. Here’s what her publicist told US Weekly:

“Gwen and Blake are longtime friends who have very recently started dating.”

Two hours!

TWO HOURS before he shows up at an awards show where his ex-wife is also expected. Miranda Lambert wasn’t just attending either. She was nominated and she was performing.

F-ck you is the only way to read that, isn’t it? How else would you read that? How else would you interpret that? For weeks they’ve been denying and avoiding the question. And they decide to acknowledge it TWO HOURS before the CMAs?

If you’ve been reading my blog the last few months, you probably know what this is about, going back to why Blake and Miranda ended their marriage in the first place. In the aftermath of their divorce, they played like they were still friends, still civil. This move last night though? It had to cut.

I reached out to several Nashville sources on Wednesday asking what the reaction was to Blake and Gwen going official on the same night Miranda won the Best Female Vocalist, and telling the audience, vulnerably, that she really needed it after the year she had. I was told by every single source that Nashville knows how it all went down. And that Nashville is super pro-Blake.

“A happy Blake is a good Blake. And radio loves a happy Blake.” In that town then, the way they’re seeing it as “an eye for an eye”. Those were one source’s exact words.

As for whether or not the Gwen and Blake situation is for publicity, especially considering that The Voice goes live next week, and NBC probably loves what’s happening right now, two points to note:

Gwen and Blake were in Oklahoma last week. They flew private in and out of Durant, Oklahoma, not far from his farm, spent some time there together. And it was not meant for public consumption. I’ve heard from two independent sources that she briefly met his relatives. Gwen heading to Nashville with Blake also is telling. Because Nashville people wouldn’t take too kindly to being used to fake people out to promote a TV show. As one music industry source said to me last night:

“If he’s pretending to date her for ratings and he expects us to help with that when it’s just all bullsh-t, that’s not how we do things around here. He knows better than that.”

OK so if it’s real… how long will it last?