To the tune of Yentl…

Or Austin Powers in Goldmember, your choice.

Half of you probably don’t know what the f-ck I’m talking about though, and that makes me feel sad and old.

So. Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton. We’ve been rubbing on the Gossip Genie to make this happen. A few weeks ago US Weekly reported that they’d been flirting behind the scenes at The Voice. PEOPLE insisted they’re just friends – click here for a refresher.

Just friends who party together on Halloween weekend?

Apparently they were both at George Clooney’s Casamigos party on Friday night, though they went separately.


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Gwen took off around 1:30am and went to Jared Leto’s. Blake was already there. And then shortly after that, they left together, and were supposedly seen holding hands on their way out, Gwen leading the way, until they saw a photographer out front and let go of each other. However they did get into the same car to head home. Whose home? Probably his. Or a hotel. Because I don’t think she’s bring him home to her kids. Unless…was it Gavin’s turn to be with them on her night out?

That makes the story SO much better, non?

Leonardo DiCaprio was also at Jared Leto’s. You know Leo, always leading the single dick conga line. And Gavin’s been known to party with Leo now that he and Gwen are no longer together. Just…not when Gwen’s getting hers. Her turn.


Maybe they’re really just letting whatever happens happen. Maybe Blake’s just messing with us because, well, he kinda totally would just for kicks. One source of mine said that Gwen doesn’t mind the speculation because she’s sticking it to Gavin. And also, it helps the show too, all these rumours about them, are they or aren’t they. I mean I don’t even watch The Voice and now even I’m curious to see about their chemistry.

So I’m not all the way convinced. And no one I ask seems to be able to say for sure either way. Perhaps it’s because they don’t know for sure either way. That’s what this could be, you know? “Cool for the summer” or whatever the season.