I tried to buy these photos. Then I was told they’re worth more than my car, seriously, MORE THAN MY CAR. So that’s why I have to link to these photos.

What are the photos?

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton went out for dinner with another couple last night. After dinner, when they were waiting for their car at valet, this happened – click here to see. He also apparently grabbed her ass and squared danced for her. Then they went back to her place.

This is what jumped out at me about the story: the dinner was only an hour. F-cking LA people. When I go out for dinner, I’m not leaving in an hour. I am ordering everything I possibly can – especially at a Mexican food restaurant! – and sitting there until I have enjoyed all of it. Which most definitely takes more than an hour, goddamn!

As for the kiss, the PDA…

So that’s who they are, right? We’ve all been there. Maybe we’ve all even lived there. When your friend (or you) is in a fresh hookup and you have to endure the touching? Is that why dinner was only an hour? Because they had to go home and do it?

Not going to lie, even though the Try from these two has been approaching overflow, that shot of their faces together made me tee-hee-hee a little. I suck, I know. But let me balance that by reminding you that Gavin Rossdale has to look at it too. Oh come on. Why can’t that be satisfying?