Weren't we just talking about this last week? In this article?

Gwen Stefani and Gwyneth Paltrow were out for dinner in London the other day. Gwen has spent the last few days in Cannes, deluxing on private yachts, hanging out at the du Cap, and last night, making an appearance at the Tree of Life red carpet, no doubt supporting the Brange. One friend one week, the other the next. But no link between them.

Gwen and Gavin have doubled before with the Brange; there have been play dates and dinners, and now, since they were all staying at the same hotel, it's a little time together in the French Riviera.

Love the jumpsuit, love the styling, but… to be honest… she looked a little haggard. Not unlike Gwyneth, in fact. Dylan was shooting her and he mentioned it at the time, but when we watched it back while feeding our tapes to Toronto, you could see it on camera really well. There was a lot of makeup going on. I mean A LOT of it. Which… I don't totally understand. Because it's not like it ever just sinks in naturally to your skin, does it? Foundation shows up. Sometimes I think people think they need foundation when they really don't.

Still…it's Gwen. It's a very striking image. I really wish she had attended the Met Gala a few weeks ago. She would have hyped things up.

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Photos from Wenn.com