Gavin Rossdale and Roger Federer are super tight. So it was no surprise to see Gavin in the stands yesterday centre court at Wimbledon supporting his friend and he brought along his wife Gwen. They were the cutest, cuddling during the match. See attached –she has her arm draped around him during a lengthy point.

Now that Gwen’s in Europe, dashing over to France isn’t far at all. Wonder if she’ll go visit the Brange, maybe they can pop their kids out in unison again…this time in the same hospital too?

Nah… too twee and precious for Gwen Stefani.

While we’re at it though, about Roger Federer – on tv he ain’t much. But in person… so much hotter in person. In fact, both he and Gavin are hotter in person. And taller too. Saw them at the Superbowl together up close. Loins were pleasantly surprised, even though I cheer for Rafa.

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