Gwen Stefani hooked up with Victoria Beckham yesterday for a playdate. You think Gwen would hang with plastic if the kids weren’t around?

As you can see, Gwen is wearing a Z around her neck keeping her newborn close in spirit. Said it before: I like the name Zuma. And to borrow from my Gwyneth, it’s not like she called him sh-tHouse or Talula Does The Hula From Hawaii or Number 16 Bus Shelter…right?

Kingston and Zuma. It’s cute.

Speaking of Kingston- check him out rocking Bob Marley and a knit cap. He kills me, that kid. I think he might be my favourite.

And then…there’s Posh.

Making like she’s hiding from photographers. Then proudly stepping out in her Madonna tee as if there’s a hope in frozen botox hell that the Madge would be her friend. She’d f&ck her husband, yes…but friendship? Out of the question.

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