Kingston Rossdale is so badass, I love him. And he can totally rock a beater tank.

Here’s Kingston with No Doubt at LAX yesterday heading off just days before the kick off of their new tour. They’ll be here in Vegas on Saturday at Mandalay Bay…looks like there’s a new King on the strip. He’ll be living on the road for a while. Doesn’t seem like it bothers him. This kid is so chill. Because his mother’s energy is so chill. Check out her shirt. She’s selling it.

Gwen Stefani and the boys will be on Gossip Girl tonight for the flashback episode, originally meant to launch the spinoff although Deadline Hollywood reported last week that the show centering on Lily van der Woodsen has been iced. Don’t care either way. Am not a fan of Brittany Snow.

Promo for the episode is below.

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