Let's start with Gwen Stefani's appearance last night at the AMAs. On the carpet it was black sheer over underwear. And I've already complained today about the overdoneness of this look - click here for a refresher. If there's anyone, however, who can take something seemingly tired and give it a fresh spin, it's Gwen Stefani. The problem is her hair. On the carpet. Why is Gwen Stefani wearing her hair like a f-cking debutante? The hair for the performance was much better, but the downside with the performance was that the dress was weaker there. The sheer came in at all the wrong angles. Looked weird when they shot her head on. Her legs. They lost proportion.

Anyway, Blake Shelton did not join Gwen at the AMAs but new photos came up this weekend of her Facetiming him on two separate occasions - once while boarding a private plane (click here to see those) and another time while she's with her kids (click here to see those). In both sets, her phone screen is clearly visible, almost as if she's making it easier for the pap to get the shot. Too easy. So easy. Easy enough for me to want to say enough. We get it. What was the draw about this couple, Gwen and Blake, was that they weren't supposed to come with any Try. So why when they don't have to try has there been so much overkill?

Intrigue is delicate and nuanced. It has to be well timed. Coming out two hours before you show up to an award show where the ex-wife is expected? That's a power move. Power moves don't need petty follow-ups. It's like a gymnast who completes a flawless dismount. S/he doesn't have to throw up the jazz hands right after. We all saw her/him stick the landing. I feel like Gwen and Blake don't know when to just let the landing stand for itself. And, frankly, that makes them not so cool right now.