There were a few of you who emailed me earlier this year after I posted these photos of Gwen Stefani predicting that she was pregnant. I wanted to kill myself. Because if that looks pregnant, I’ve basically been double pregnant my entire life. Only not. Girls, what are we doing to ourselves???

Check out Gwen with her adorably hilarious kids at the beach the other day looking, in my opinion anyway, definitely not pregnant. I mean, in these shots, if you didn’t know, you’d probably say she was actually NEVER pregnant.

Gwen and No Doubt will release their new album Push & Shove on September 25. Settle Down, the first single, dropped today. It’s been a long time. It makes me happy. Like old school happy. Like drive around with all the windows down with all my friends in the car happy. The band will perform the song at the Teen Choice Awards next week. Listen below.