Bratty children are my favourite. Obviously because I don’t have to raise them. My friend Lo has two boys and the younger one is the trouble. Very cute trouble. Likes to sleep on his back with both hands behind his head and one leg propped up, the other crossed over his knee. It’s hilarious. Anyway, one day, for no reason while we were sitting on the front step, he threw a beach ball at my head. It was an impulse control problem. Right away, the remorse on his face... followed by the fear, as his mother stalked towards him with some discipline -  I always, always laugh at the memory. That kid has destroyed many things in his house. I love him.  

Anyway, Gwen Stefani took her boys to the Aquarium in London today. Kingston’s little face is cracking me up. That child looks like he’s about to kiss his teeth after getting some tough love from his ma. I almost picture him walking away from her with a little gangster swagger. Cute right? Oh parents, big ups to you because if it were me, and my son showed me some insolence, he would get the beats, which is how it was done when I was young.

(Do judgy moms have the right to huff and tut on a hypothetical that would never happen?)

PS. Did Zuma just pick his nose and eat it? How sick am I that I think it’s funny and adorable when a kid picks his nose and eats it?

PPS. Here’s another scarf option for Sasha’s scarf article yesterday. Click here if you missed it. I love this scarf. I may not have several hundred dollars to drop on it, but I love it.