It's Fashion Week in New York. The Voice premieres in a couple of weeks. Judges this seasn are Adam Levine, Blake Shelton, Pharrell, and Gwen Stefani.

So here's Gwen in New York in full red - lips, top, pants. Mega blonde. Very striking. And, happily, she looks like herself. Like I recognise this to be Gwen Stefani, and not some weird hybrid of Jennie Garth and someone else which is what we saw at the VMAs and the Emmys last week. It's settled then, has it? Makes sense. Some of you suggested that she was so tight at the award shows because she was timing the presumed treatments not for those appearances but for the start of the show. Sh-t. That's a LOT of lead time. I'm telling you, Cold Gel Laser double blast with Lorinda Zimmerman at W Skin Care. There's no down time. And you don't have to wait for your face to grow into it.