Gwen Stefani took her kids to church this weekend. And while her jumpsuit is amazing, her son, Zuma, totally took over the photo opportunity. Look at this kid. First of all, his hair is the best. Second, his glasses are even better. And third, he obviously loves his life. Or, in that moment, he loved his life. I can’t wait to see what he’s like in 10 years. This is a child who became his name.

As you know, Gwen and Gavin are no more. Since then, we’ve seen her a lot with her children. And we’ve heard a lot about her work. She’s writing, she’s in the studio, she’s on The Voice. Just as it was when they were married, it’s Gwen who has the actual career. Gavin? What does Gavin actually do? The stories about Gavin have mostly been about how he’s living now – in a “pimp palace” in Bel-Air. Click here to see photos. Perfect place to host Leo and Ben and Robin Thicke.