This is the adorable Gwen Stefani out and about at the weekend, stylish as ever. Still no news on Angelina and the Wonder Twins but since Gwen hasn’t popped, and since they seem to get pregnant and give birth at the same time all the time, perhaps watching Gwen is as good as watching the Jolie.

I’ve been remiss in not giving Kingston enough love. Here he is with his dad a couple of weeks ago at the beach. If there’s anyone cuter than Romeo Beckham, it’s probably Kingston Rossdale. This of course means that Posh will break up with Gwen. And that’s ok. Gwen has the Brange. Gwen doesn’t need the Beckham.

Maybe one day King and Miss Zahara will get married and have their own babies. Am not a fan of the King Shiloh hookup. It’s too … precious, non?

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