Baby watch, and baby bump watch, to me anyway, are boring as sh*t. But you all seem to love it. Thankfully, this report stems not from the ever unreliable observation of one’s growing – imaginary or otherwise – midsection but from true smut.

According to a very new untested source, word is Gwen Stefani was expected in studio to do some recording work with another artist recently but backed out claiming she wasn’t feeling well. According to another source, this one a regular trusted one, she was also supposedly scheduled for a photo shoot that had to be moved around because the clothes weren’t “sitting right”, even though they had been previously styled and tested.

Is Gwen pregnant again? Will keep you posted.

Here are a couple more shots from her shopping outing last week – obsessed bump analysts are insisting there’s a mound beneath that jumper. Call me Cruise but I don’t see anything conclusive.

Photos from splash