You can’t see it so much in photos, but it was hard to ignore when she was on stage: Gwen Stefani’s eye.

You remember Nicole Kidman when one of her eyes looked f-cked up? Like she’d frozen so much of her face that she couldn’t open her left eye anymore? I’m reattaching the video below. If you start at 1:20 it’s obvious:

Same thing was going on with Gwen Stefani last night. And the same eye too. You know what? It makes sense. She turns 45 in October. She’ll be on TV a lot soon on The Voice. Maybe she’s thinking it’ll settle by then. But sh-t, WHY do they think the freeze is the only option. It’s not the only option. But it is an irreversible option. Once you start it, you can’t go back. You can’t fix it. Gwen Stefani has gone Kidman.