In the consuming Twilight drama (we’ve all been refreshing our browsers every 30 seconds for updates, right?) I almost missed this story on Kingston’s blue hair. Mommy commenter people are not happy with Kingston’s blue hair. From one mother to another, let me say to those people: shut up.

Ya, that’s how it is. Because if you read the mean and ridiculous comments on the story, it’s demented how people take ownership of celebrity kids. One comment suggested that Kingston doesn’t even want blue hair, that Gwen forced it on him. Um, forcibly subjecting a 6-year-old to a dye-job would be so messy and so much work - it’s hard enough to give them a bath. But don’t you see: Gwen is just so intent on her kids being freaks that she just had to dye it. Just like Angelina forces Shilo to dress like a boy! It’s all one giant conspiracy to turn our kids into individuals. Watch out moms.

Kids have been dying their hair even since the first little genius slapped some Kool-Aid on in the tub and saw the results. I probably wouldn’t have been allowed to dye my hair blue (I wasn’t even allowed to get a second earhole!) but if my son (who is only 10 months) at the age of 6 wanted to dye his hair blue, I would consider it. If he wanted to come for a pedicure, I’d consider that too (although I don’t think 6-year-olds need pedicures no matter what the gender and children in nail salons kind of gross me out because of all the dead skin and nail debris flying around, plus it’s annoying for other people).

I will probably be a pretty strict mom (not Tiger Mom level, I don’t have the discipline). But being strict and being stifling are two different things, and I think it’s possible to be one and not another.

If I did say no, I’d have a valid reason (and not “boys don’t dye their hair”) and an age when he could ask me again. Maybe by that time he’d grow out of wanting it; I never did get that second earhole. But adults have tattoos and purple hair and those giant holes in their ears, so clearly the need to self-express on the body isn’t something that just goes away because parents say no.

All the people shouting that they would never dye their son’s hair blue also couldn’t rock a leopard jumpsuit like Gwen. And let’s be real: besides immediate family and moms in your social circle, no one would give a sh-t if you dyed your kid’s hair blue.

Kingston will not get teased for having blue hair; he hangs with the Jolie-Pitt kids and his parents are famous rock stars. Dyed hair is probably much more accepted than a Dora the Explorer t-shirt. Being a walking billboard for Nick Jr. is so not cool.