Gwendoline Christie, though you probably know her as Brienne of Tarth, was named British Actress of the Year last night by Harper's Bazaar. Jaime would be so proud of her. No, really he would. I think? Or does he keep f-cking his sister? Don't tell me!

It has indeed been a career year for Gwendoline. Not only is she a popular character on Game Of Thrones - who hasn't died yet - she also got a role on the new Star Wars. Sarah always talks about how it's all secrety and secrets with JJ Abrams so I won't bother with speculation about what exactly Gwendoline is doing in a galaxy far, far away and it probably doesn't matter because she's working on a big ass deal, in addition to the already but ass deal that she's a part of. Let's celebrate her achievement then and the badass white tiger clawed cape that she wore to receive it.