The first GOOPy newsletter was all about recipes.

I have received dozens and dozens of emails from those who’ve tried the turkey ragu. Each and every person enjoyed it. In fact, they LOVED it.

Turkey? Really? Ew.

So please. I need to hear from at least one of you who follows Gwyneth’s recipe and hates it. She can’t be perfect, right? Even in with cookbooks she can’t be perfect, right?

The second GOOPy newsletter was sent out yesterday. Thanks to KB for forwarding her copy!

It’s amazing.

Amazing because it’s Gwyneth sharing with her GOOPy membership her favourite places in London: where she stays, where she lounges, where she eats…

The best part?

You probably can’t afford any of it! And true to form, my girl actually TELLS you that you probably can’t afford any of it.

Gwynnie writes:

“The first installment of this three-part newsletter will include restaurants, hotels, and pubs. The hotels are on the pricey side, but my GOOP girls are doing some research into some more affordable places, which we will personally try before recommending.”

F*ck I love her.

I really, really do.

Because in her mind, she truly is being generous. It’s the mark of the privileged, you know? Like the old aristocracy. Being charitable is part of the status. It’s what we do, they say. And so I believe that she really believes that she’s helping you. Her intentions are genuinely good.

The problem with people like Gwyneth though is that they never bother to figure out how these intentions will be received. It's one thing to want to share, it's another to understand HOW you’re "sharing" and the WAY you’re "sharing" is perceived.

For Gwyneth’s ilk, there’s never any thought paid to the other side. There’s never any self examination… from every angle. Which is why she’s so f&cking hilarious. At least to me. To you she’s grating as hell.

But there are more pressing issues to address…


Who are the GOOPy girls? And how does one become a GOOPy girl? I want to be a GOOPy girl! Can I become a GOOPy girl? Are YOU a GOOPy girl?

If so, if you are reading, you MUST, please, please, please, you MUST get in touch.

And finally…

Because, don’t lie, I know you need to know: what restaurants, what pubs? Which establishments have received the Gwyneth blessing?

Gwyneth eats at Wagamama???

Stop. It’s too much. It’s too much, I can’t go on.

Am headed to London third week of October. OF COURSE I will try. If you’re there too you should join us!

A select few of her favourites are attached. There’s more but she’d want me to tell you to subscribe. So I will. That’s what friends are for.