Gwyneth leaving the gym the other day looking freshfaced and beautiful and toned and grumpy. My girl took a lot of heat the other day while picking up Apple from her daycare and covering up Wacko Jacko style.

Now ordinarily, the sh-t that comes out of her mouth is indefensible. I’ve also wanted to kick her in the teeth on occasion and you know I worship her snotty snot and her better-than-you attitude.

But in this case I wonder, are we so used to the Gwen Stefani and Garner Taupes pimpin’ their kids that we will bare teeth when it doesn’t happen? Given that they were at a daycare, with other innocent non-celebrity children present – does it warrant a free pass just this once?

Or is my Gwynnie just nauseating period, no ifs ands or buts?

Chances are, she’s so unpopular, it’s just plain nauseating, isn’t it?