Gwyneth Paltrow is back in London. I’m told she was at dinner at Zuma last night with Chris Martin and their kids, Apple and Moses, and Jay-Z. Jay’s in England because Beyonce kicks off 6 shows at the O2 tonight. There’s a very good chance then that G and family will make it to at least one of them this week.

It was an early meal. They left just after 8pm. Today is a school day, after all. G was wearing wide leg jeans and a leather jacket, barely any makeup. They all seemed very comfortable with each other, “a lot of affection going around between them”, and when G says Moses idolises “Uncle Jay”, she’s not lying. Jay and Moses did indeed seem to be close and my source observed Moses “making jokes with him at the table”. (Thanks Canadian Sarah!)

The other day I was interviewed by a journalist writing an article about Gwyneth and why people hate her. The final question was about what G can do, if anything, to change their minds. And my answer was... ummm, why would she want to? Her book is a bestseller. Her movie is about to blow up the box office. After a couple of rough years, her marriage seems to be more solid than it ever has been. Her children are healthy and happy. People talk about her all the time. I mean, by celebrity standards, what’s the problem? Jessica Alba would kill for this.

Attached -- Chris Martin working out the other day with cupping marks on his back similar to the ones we saw on Jennifer Aniston a couple of weeks ago and what we saw first on G several years ago. G once said that she started GOOP because everyone always asks her where to go and what to do. Oh, you mean celebrities?


The last issue of GOOP featured something about habits. I didn’t bother to read it. But I always skim. Because sometimes she randomly throws in a picture of herself that has nothing to do with anything. And this time, the bonus included behind-the-scenes polaroids from her Harper’s Bazaar photo shoot. The thumbnails are TINY. I’ve tried to blow it up as much as I can which is why the resolution is so sh-t. But you can still see her abs.

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