But who else?

Laura was standing 5 feet from my Gwyneth today at her Two Lovers photo call and I couldn’t believe it when she actually offered up some positive remarks. Laura is the toughest critic and not Gwyneth Paltrow’s biggest fan. She’s also been crusty because her blackberry has been f*cked.

And even Laura had to concede that G was the total gorgessity. She absolutely glowed today…much more beautiful in person than she is in photos. Also the best blonde highlights in the business. Laura couldn’t believe it. And she was practically combing every strand of hair for imperfections.

Not sure why Joaquin Phoenix wasn’t there. We’d received word prior to coming that he was supposed to be on the junket. Perhaps a scheduling conflict?

Anyway, about my G… she posited on motherhood today in relation to her career – her fears that after having 2 babies in succession, Hollywood would forget about her.

"I really did not know if there would be a place for me," said Paltrow. "Jodie Foster was right, especially if you are a woman and especially if you are not 25. Hollywood is pretty cutthroat, and everybody has a short memory. There is always someone who is younger or hotter or prettier."

In terms of her own career, "I was very realistic of that fact there would not be room for me," said Paltrow. "I definitely knew I had lost my place."

She considers Two Lovers, a romantic drama set in Brooklyn, a shot in the vocational arm.

"It has given me a lifeline, because I had taken a long time off work," said Paltrow. "Going from being a mother at home for a long time, which was the greatest time in my life, but also feel like an artist again ... that was a gift for me." – People.com

A bit disingenuous, of course, because this is Gwyneth Paltrow afterall, but look at those shoes? Those shoes!

As for how long she’s staying, AMFAR is tomorrow and Madge will be there. But so will Sharon Stone and she and G scrapped a few years ago. Will Gwyneth the perfect mother stay one extra day away from the kids to party with Madonna?

Will keep you posted…


Photos from Wenn